Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hair how to: Fishtail Braid

How many times have you seen the fishtail braid? It’s a common braid but looks so complicated to do. The perfect summer look with your long maxi dress. Its actually very easy all you need are a comb, elastic and a clip. Have the items listed near by and lets get started:

1.     Take your hair, and part it down the center. Take the hair on your right side of your part at your forehead and twist one-inch away from your face.

2.     Use the comb nearby and separate a ½ inch section straight below the first section along your face and twist away from your face, combine towards the end of the first piece.

3.     Continue adding the ½ inch pieces along your hairline and down towards your neck. Use the handy clip or just a simple bobby pin to hold the hair in place at the nape of your neck.

4.     Reapeat the same twisting on the left side of your head, starting at your forehead. Remember to take each section from the outside of your hair and turn in towards the other side. So you get the right effect and you know which piece is left in the end. For example: take the ½ inch piece from the left section cross over the section and inside on the right section. The same thing on the other side.

5.     After reaching the nape of your neck, unclip the right side and make sure you still hold the left and right separately.

6.     Again, pull a ½ inch section of your hair from the right section and then add it to the left section. You will have to keep going so your arms will probably be getting tired now. Repeat until you reach the bottom of your hair.

7.     Secure the end with elastic and use a quick spritz to hold down the flyaways.

You may need to practice this a few times to have the right look. This braid does take a little longer than the regular braid because its thinner sections. Go try it now!

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