Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beauty: Hand Scrubs

Are your hands dry? Rough? Do they feel like sand paper? Do you hate the smell of a nail salon? Don’t run to get a manicure. The harsh chemicals are bad for your skin and could create a sever reaction. Save your money and create your hand scrub at home. It’s easy and doesn’t break the bank. Takes a few minutes before you go to bed and you will wake up with beautiful soft hands. You can use these scrubs on your feet too!

So, summer is right around the corner its time put those harsh chemicals aside and put those natural oils back in.

Buy yourself a small mason jar to store your homemade scrub for later use. 

Ingredients you will need:

Olive oil or coconut oil
Lemon juice and zest
Few drops of vanilla

1.     Begin with a cup of sugar (you can add more for a larger quantity). This is for a test to see if your body reacts to the scrub. The sugar will be your exfoliater, to get rid of the dry, dead skin.
2.     Add enough olive oil so the sugar is no longer crumbly. This will be your moisturizer. Coconut oil will be a bit thicker so you might not need as much.
3.     Next add the juice of one lemon. This will give it a nice clean scent and be a cleanser for your skin.
4.     Vanilla extract is optional. If your using coconut oil then I suggest not to use vanilla. This is strictly for the scent.
5.     Mix it all together and you have your own scrub.

You may need to mix the scrub before use, as the oil may separate from the sugar. This is a good natural way of softening your body and getting rid of that dead dry skin.

Lather your skin in this amazing scrub and find your skin feeling silky soft. This scrub makes a perfect gift as well. Add a decorative label and a small ribbon and your good to go.

Who knew that beauty products are right in your kitchen. 

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