Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Color Connections: Orange and White

Looking for a new and vibrant change to your home? Collaborating colors can birth an immense amount of joy and totally change to your space. Let’s talk Color Connections: Orange and White.

The color orange has been linked to many positive aspects, including self confidence, enthusiasm, independence, sociability and creativity.

Now, lets pair this vibrant color with a softer hue - white. (Think winter white, off white or cream). White has been associated with a sense of cleansing and new beginnings.

These two colors together produce an explosion of rich, new, animated bliss that deserves nothing less than complete attention and adoration. Not sure how to adorn your home with this color pairing? Keep reading!


Choose furniture that occupies these two hues.

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Think vases, candles, rugs, drapes. The possibilities are endless.

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Adding these color connections by means of art will add culture and vibrancy to your home.


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Are you ready to try these color connections? What room will you transform first? Comment below.

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