Monday, December 17, 2012

Eye On Nate: A Glance At Design Guru Nate Berkus

Interior designer Nate Berkus is a prime example of Newton’s law of motion: an object that is in motion tends to stay in motion. While this design extraordinaire is not an “object”, his work is best described by this law. With his new book, new housewares line at Target, hit talk show and as head of design firm Nate Berkus Associates - it can be somewhat difficult to keep up with him. Lets take a look into the enormously productive work and world of Nate Berkus.

The Nate Berkus line for Target is designed with a little something in mind for everyone. The designs are simple enough to work for almost anyone's lifestyle.  Berkus’ philosophy on decorating your home is layering on top of simple designs. What are some of Berkus’ simple picks? Light and smokey shades for walls. Decorative storage boxes for around the house. Also, turning designs that are considered “trendy” into classics. Berkus suggests that the trendy trellis print is one that can be forever in style. Check out the Nate Berkus line at a local Target or online at
Nate Berkus for Target Picture Frame 5x7”, $13,

If your looking for an inspirational page turner, pick up Berkus’ new book Things That Matter. In the book, Berkus talks about the past experiences that has inspired him to become the person that he is today. He takes you into his home, as well as many others, and displays how the style of a home can translate the experiences that the owner has been through.  This book will make a great gift for your interior design enthusiast friend and for yourself as well. It is definitely a good read!

A look into Nate Berkus’ busy and inspiring world will in turn inspire you to start that project that you have been putting off or take that trip that you have been meaning to go on. Be sure to catch the Nate Berkus Show also. Check your local listings to find out more information.

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