Saturday, December 29, 2012

Destination Decor: Paris

Paris. This location releases such an array of beautiful, romantic and even indulgent thoughts. Even more enticing is the thought of wrapping your home’s style in this blanket of romantic beauty. So what is Parisian style? How can you fit it into your home decor while still displaying your individual style? Lets take a look at the beauty that is Parisian style.
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Fluff It Up

A bare and lonely looking room is not what you want when designing your space the “Parisian Way”. Lavish textiles and drapery should flood the room in an indulgent not an overdone way. Color tones should be either romantic and soft  or extremely deep toned.
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Accents and Architecture

If your home has grand architectural characteristics, playing it up is key. Your furniture should embody the feel of Paris with a vintage and elegant look. Wooden pieces should appear beautifully worn, bearing gold accents. Shades of black and white should play an important role in the color scheme of your home.
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So are you ready to take your decorating voyage to the beauty of Parisian style? Your home is just a design plan away from a gorgeous, lavish and chic new look. What do you love most about Parisian style? Comment below.

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