Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Art of Design: A Look Into The World of a Fashion Design Student

Sketch via Briana Irving

So you think you can design? The world of fashion design is tough and unforgiving. Just because you like to look good or feel that you have an eye for design, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will make it as a fashion designer. However, persistence pays off. I sat down with a current design student, Briana Irving, to discuss her passion and pursuit of fashion.

Duo: What drove you to become a fashion student?
BI: My obsession with fashion. I felt I needed to take this chance. So I just went for it.

Duo: Why do you consider your choice a “chance”?
BI: To me this is a chance because the fashion industry is so hard to get into. It’s a challenging and risky business. Yet when you have such a passion for fashion, it doesn’t feel like such a huge risk.

Duo: Did you always have a love for fashion and design?
BI: When I was younger I wasn’t fashionable. I was more of a “tom boy”. I wasn’t into girly things at all. I always wanted to play with my brothers toys. I didn’t show in interest in fashion until tenth grade and I started getting my own style. I began sketching at that time also. Faces and figures and then clothes.

Duo:What is your favorite part of being a fashion student and being apart of the fashion world?
BI: I wouldn’t say that I am part of the fashion world yet (laughing). The best part is being able to express myself through my designs. Also knowing that I can make garments that make women feel beautiful and elegant.

Duo: Do you think that you will only do woman's fashion or do you see yourself branching out into others parts of the industry?
BI: I see myself doing men's wear. And possibly children's wear.

Duo: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
BI: I see myself being successful, on track to having my own line.

Duo: What fashion icon do you most look up to?
BI: Rihanna! I love her style. She expresses herself through her style. She's not afraid to be herself.

Duo: What word describes your fashion sense?
BI: I feel that I can't use one word. I have a little of everything grunge, preppy, glam, and romantic.

Duo: What is the most difficult part of being a fashion student?
BI: I don't find anything difficult about being a fashion student. I love what I do, so the difficulty is an enriching challenge.

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