Monday, November 19, 2012

The Real Fashion Stylists

Fashion stylists like Rachel Zoe and Kate Young are just some celebrity stylists that are taking over the fashion world. But who are they? How did they become so popular amongst the celebrities? Check out these stylists that make us all drool over their wardrobes.

This fashionista had her own reality show and even while pregnant she looked fashion forward. Rachel Zoe, the American fashion stylist that is best known for working with celebrities like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. She started out as a freelance fashion stylist and now works with high profile celebrities. She now has collaborations with Judith Leiber for a line of luxury bags and a consultant for In 2011, she released her own clothing line; she wears her own line and would like to start home items in the coming years.

Another fashion stylist that doesn’t want a reality show is Kate Young. Along with Rachel she is one of the most powerful celebrity stylist. She started as Anna Wintour’s assistant; where she quickly became a fashion icon. Now her styles are featured in a magazine that she used to work for. Not only is she a mother of two she is one of the top celebrity fashion stylists. She has styled celebrities like Salma Hayek and Jennifer Connelly. She was behind Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams’ most memorable red carpet moments. Styling celebrities is just a third of her everyday life, apart from that she does consulting and takes care of her two kids.

Petra Flannery is a Los Angeles based stylist; with her artistic background she has styled some memorable looks. She is known for her clean, sophisticated and classic styles. She has styled young celebrities like Mila Kunis and Emma Stone. Her work has also been featured in high profiled magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Instyle. Petra was also listed as one of the top twenty-five powerful stylists of Hollywood.

These ladies are inspiring and create looks that are to die for. They went from assisting a well-known fashion editor to styling celebrities for the red carpet. They are taking over the world with their amazing looks. 

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