Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Style 101: Denim Jackets

How do you wear a denim jacket? What makes that denim jacket better than the one you had in your hand in the store? Denim jackets are a staple piece in every man or woman’s wardrobe but not many people own this staple piece. Where it the right way after analyzing the denim jacket look.


What is the look you are going for? The denim jacket gives off the effortless, masculine yet sexy look. It’s easy to integrate a denim jacket into your wardrobe. Pair it with a casual white t-shirt or even on top of a light hoodie. A denim jacket add a dressed down look to any outfit, of course make sure you feel comfortable before you pull it off.

Did you know the first denim jacket was sewn in 1905? It was sold by Levis to compliment the line of jeans and the work wear. It was rugged denim and was perfect for the cold, windy and rainy days. Today the mid- 1900s style has made a comeback, the faded jacket with a flannel shirt.

Do you want your jacket to have a liner or not? The liner gives the jacket a unique look so make your decision carefully.

The no liner jacket is the popular denim jacket. The no liner will also give you the option to layer underneath an overcoat.

The flannel-lined jacket gives a country look. It does add some bulk though.

A shearling liner gives off the classic farm boy look, yet also keeps you warm. This type of jacket is seen on the rugged outdoorsmen.

Some tips for wearing the classic denim jacket:
Stay away from the double denim look. Stay away from denim jeans if you’re going to wear your denim jacket. Go with khakis, colored denim or cords.

Jackets and shorts don’t go. You will look like your lost in seasons. Fall or Summer? Pick one.
Treat your denim jacket as if you would a pair of jeans. Wash infrequently to preserve the color. It may shrink and hot-water washes.

Wear your denim jacket with these tips and you can never go wrong. 

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