Monday, November 19, 2012

Designer vs. Knock Off- How can you tell?

How do you know if that designer bag is the authentic bag or a knock off? A designer bag should be a joy however realizing its fake can be disappointing. If your shopping for a new designer bag then be sure to spot the replicas, fakes and genuine. Take note of these tips and be sure you are buying the real thing.

Pay attention to the details, the logo, charms and attachments are all a part of the original design. The positioning of each of these additional details is down to specific measurements. This also includes the tags, signatures and marks this is all part of the design of the bag, which creates its authenticity. The price of the bag is determined by what the consumer is prepared to pay for designer.

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The best way to purchase the original design is from the renowned store. The staff is knowledgeable about the product they are selling. If the bag is being sold at a flea market or a street vendor then the bag is suspect. Designers do not authorize street vendors to sell their bags.

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Think about the price and be realistic. Designer bags cost a lot of money because of the craftsmanship and status symbol. If the price is too good to be true then chances are the bag is a fake.  
Ask the vendor if the bag is real, copy or a fake. If the seller is not answering your questions appropriately then don’t think that your going to get an authentic bag. Ask the vendor if you can return the bag if it’s a fake, don’t expect to return the bag if it’s a copy. Most of the time these street vendors don’t have any certificates of authenticity of the bag.
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Take a look at the details of the bag like, stitching. Look closely at the stitching. Designer bags have quality they pay attention to the specific type of thread they use and how many stitches per inch, stitching cannot be slanted and sloppy.

Look for a serial number, the stamp should be inside that says the brand.

Check the lining, if it sounds like paper rubbing then it’s not real.

Keep these notes in mind for your next designer bag!

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