Saturday, November 17, 2012

Destination Decor: Miami

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Miami is known for it’s bold prints and bright in your face colors. Floral patterns, animal prints and color blocks are all staples of Miami style. HGTV Urban Oasis interior designer, Lindsay Pumpa, summed up Miami’s signature style in a recent interview. She stated “‘Miami is a place where it holds no barred. We go all out when it comes to design...". Miami’s style and flare can be translated into a specified spot in your home. Tweak the muy caliente style of Miami to function properly in your home with these tips.

Embrace A Style and Take It Up A Notch

You read it yourself, Pumpa’s description of Miami’s style secret. So it’s only right to oomph up your ideas for your space in order to make it more “Miami”. If you want to create a tranquil room with a light wall color, choose a soft metallic gray and light colored seating. If you want to create a vibrant room, go for a deep aqua blue or tangy orange. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with this space. Besides, isn’t that the main purpose for creating a Miami room?

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Dress Your Walls

Naked walls are so not Miami. Choose wall decals, bold printed murals or wallpaper. If your artistically gifted, dress your walls up by hand. This is a great way to add some character to the room.
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Accentuate The Staple Piece

Make the staple piece in your room bigger, brighter and more unique than ever. An oversized, white chandelier  or bright colored chair are great ideas of what your staple piece should be.

Dress Your Floors

Just like the walls, your floors should not be bare either. Plush rugs or rugs with bold, bright designs are a go to for your Miami space. HGTV’s David Bromstad suggests using a rug to incorporate texture into an already colorful room. If the room is full of neutrals, Bromstad suggests adding a rug with color and graphics.
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So if your yearning to feel the style and fabulousness of Miami all year round - minus actually living there, then plan your decor accordingly. Now, if only you could get that amazing beach like scent into your newly designed space.

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