Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trend Alert: Wallpaper

Are you looking for a way to add some real oomph to a room in your home? Take on this home trend - wallpaper. Wallpaper can instantly add the texture and style to any room in your home - when tastefully done of course. Each room deserves a touch of something fabulous and special. Don’t be afraid to add this beautiful design element to rooms in your home. Here’s the low down on wallpaper!

WOW Your Room

Wallpaper is perfect if your looking to implement that “WOW” factor into a room. Paint alone may not deliver the way you need it to. Another great factor about wallpaper is that it is extremely cost effective.
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These Are Not Your Grandma’s Designs

Large scale patterns give the room a modern feel. Today's technology has allowed wallpaper designers to create new patterns that were once never possible. Take that Brady Bunch!
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Let Your Image Show

Wallpaper adds a sense of individuality and texture to your room. There is such an array of patterns, textures and designs that your bound to find something that sparks your interest.
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Who Says Size Matters?

Your pattern choice could transform the perceived size of a room. For instance, large vertical stripes could make a small room with a low ceiling appear larger. Also, keep in mind that with smaller rooms you have the option to choose busy whimsical patterns that would normally look overdone in a large room.
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Go Big Or Go Home

Wallpaper allows you to go big and bold. The advantage that wallpaper has over paint finishes is that it lets your style speak through the design. Your style well be instantly conveyed through your wallpaper.
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If you have any reservations towards wallpaper, then I challenge you to look into it more. I’m sure you’ll find a pattern or design that speaks to you. What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Let’s hear it! Comment below.

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