Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOO! Spook Your Guests With These DIY Decorations

Are you having a Halloween party? You have your costume but what about decorations? How are you going to make the place scary and creepy for your guests? Don't fear, we are here to help!

Decorations for a party doesn't mean you have to run to your nearest party store for the messy ribbons and tape. You can use food as decorations! Look at these cool sites for some ideas!

This site gives you many ideas for kids parties and adult parties too! If you think the below food ideas are cute then you need to visit this site. Our Best Bites gives you ideas from mozzarella cheesy fingers to slime! Your guests will be spooked out by your creativity skills.

DIY decorations, let the kids participate in your creepy party! You can make your own decorations with the items you have at home. Get your scissors and tape out! 

Decorate your stairs with some black rats. You can even save these rats for next year! Add some cobwebs on the stairs and it will make your house look extra spooky.
Martha Stewart has some great ideas on how to turn your place into a haunted house. These creepy windows require some pinking shears and some dark house paint on fabric. How easy is that?

Not only is it fun for the kids but it saves you money as well! At the end of the party you won't feel guilty throwing away the decorations you paid for!
This one is pretty creative, bloody windows! All you need is wax paper and red paint! The kids will love this one! Its easy, cheap and fun! 

Hope these ideas helped you with your scary Halloween party. From blood, rats and some cheesy fingers your guests will take caution next time they attend your party!

What scares your guests at your Halloween party? Share your ideas with us and comment below.

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