Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Iconic Style of Revenge: Victoria Grayson’s Throne

Victoria Grayson in the infamous chair. Image via
If your like most people,including me, your probably desperately awaiting the return of ABC’s Revenge. The story plot is not the only aspect of the show that has my attention. The design of every room on set are indescribably beautiful. What’s my favorite iconic piece in the show? Victoria Grayson’s french armchair. Almost every plot, quarrel and confession takes place with Mrs. Grayson sitting in this stunning chair. It is metaphorically inscribed into the script as a display of her power. The way the piece stands out exclusively from any other piece of furniture in the room. This armchair deserves all of the respect that it is given. 

If your looking to add a beautiful showpiece like this armchair into your home decor, take a look at these similar chairs. 

Sanctuary Paris Accent Chair, $649,

Josett Chair - Frenchy, $199,

French Script Charlotte Chair, $199,
Remember to watch Revenge on Sunday, Sept. 29th on ABC!

Stay tuned for more home decor features from the Revenge set. What’s your favorite iconic piece from Revenge? Comment below.

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