Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Are You Wearing To The Gym?

The gym, that place where you burn that ice cream you ate last night and the bottle of wine you drank with your girlfriends over the weekend. We all dread going but after you leave you feel great. 

Did you ever think about what your wearing to the gym? Below are some tips on what to wear before you step onto that treadmill. 

1. If its not comfortable- don't wear it!
          You're going to the gym to work out, make sure you're comfortable. Take some time and shop around. This doesn't just go for clothing but sneakers as well. Support and comfort is important. You don't want to be pulling your shirt down every time you do a squat.

2. Leggings 
     Yes, leggings are comfortable. But be careful before you put them on. Make sure they're not sheer. Don't expose your undies when your doing the downward dog.

3. Wear a sports bra
     Wearing your everyday bra to the gym could cause back problems. Its important to have the right support when your doing jumping jacks.

Follow these tips and you will be ready for the sweaty workout with the personal trainer. Don't know where to shop for your workout gear? Check out these stores:

Now go burn those calories! Have a great workout!

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