Thursday, September 27, 2012

Revenge Style: Ashley Davenport (Yes, we're obsessed)

Ok, yes we know we're obsessed with the hit show Revenge on ABC. If your not hooked then your definitely missing out. But besides the drama, what do you think of the styling on the show? Emily Thorne looks great in everything she puts on. But what do you think of the rest of the casts look?

Did you know: Emily Thorne debuted on the Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The wardrobe styling that really caught my eye was Ashley Madekwe also known as Ashley Davenport. She plays the Grayson's assistant with the posh English accent. Her looks below are to die for, what's great about her looks is that she can go from sophisticated to a grungy look but still look ah-mazing!

 The mustard colored skirt is a perfect match with her skin tone. The black belt and purple bag are perfect accessories to go with this outfit. Who says everything needs to match?

Rock on! Lenny Kravitz t-shirt with a short pleated skirt and leopard shoes. Love, Love, Love. This girl can make anything look good. 

Green skirts and the classic white shirt. Her red Chanel bag brings out the hint of red in her printed skirt. She makes these looks look effortless. I would love to see what her closet looks like. 

Did you know: Ashley Madekwe has her own fashion blog called "Ring My Bell."

What's not to love about this look? The grey blazer with a three quarter sleeve makes it look so feminine. The chunky bracelet completes her look. 

Her outfits are effortless and can go from day to evening. Why do I love her style? Her looks are complete, effortless and sexy. What's not to love about Ashley.  

 For more Fashion looks from the Ashley, check out her blog: Ring My Bell

What do you think of these styles? Will this make you tune in on Sunday? I hope so! Let us know what you think below.

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