Monday, August 6, 2012

Whats Trending for Home Decor 2013

Lets take a look at whats trending in home decor for 2013.

Neutral Colors take lead to brights
We are seeing a shift in home decor colors. Bright burst of color will give way to more soothing, neutral colors. Remember - neutral does not have to be bland. Neutral colors are known to promote more calm and reduce stress.
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Embellish Naturally
Not ready to give up your feathers and furs as a room accessory? Don’t worry. Nature is still a major focal point. The focus will be on textures rather than bright colors (feathers, botanicals, etc.)
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Add Splashes of Color
2013 trends are not all about neutrals. There is still room for splashes of color in. It can be applied best with tribal prints in fabrics (decorative pillow, bedding, etc.). Make an even bolder statement with two-three different colors. Adding colored animal prints will play off the neutrals beautifully as well.
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 The Writings on the Wall
A major trend for 2013 is wallpaper in large prints. It’s a bold yet beautiful statement. Wallpaper in large print allows you to set the element of the room. If you like this look but feel that wallpaper is too much of a commitment, try window treatments, shower curtains or bedding with prints that resemble wallpaper.
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 How do you feel about these upcoming trends? Let me know. Share comments and photos of your trends below!

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