Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Knock It, If You Don't Try It!

Did you ever look at that shirt on the hanger in Macys and say; "I would NEVER try that hideous shirt on!"
Admit it we have all done it.

Ladies this is the number one mistake! A garment on the hanger looks completely different than on you. 

How you may ask?
  •      The complexion of your skin against the color and/or pattern.  

 Check out Selma Blair in a bold print. The color definitely makes her hair color pop.

  •       Don’t eye the size. Looks can be deceiving… it may look small on the hanger but you never know until you try it on. It might fit.
  •      But it looks so boring on the hanger. The hanger doesn’t have curves, but you do!
  •      This goes for shoes as well. Printed shoes with a plain outfit will draw attention to your feet but will complete the outfit.

Miranda Kerr; Check out the blue shoes with the pink. The color is bright but the Balenciaga shoes make the dress pop even more.

So why not try it on? It’s okay to step out of the box. It wont hurt.

Give it a chance because you never know until you try it. When you do try it you never know it might be your number one summer item you fall in love with.

Time and patience is key, go ahead try that “ugly” shirt on.

Did this ever happen to you? Share that special moment with Duo.

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