Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simple Answer: Folding

Tired of feeling like your closet or dresser drawer is too small for all of your clothes? Even after donating and disposing of so many pieces of clothing, is your drawer still regurgitating the remainders? The answer could be as simple as
F O L D I N G!

Here are some tips on expanding the space in your closet or drawer:

  • Try folding for the space that you have in your dresser drawer.  Folding flat is key. Folding your shirts too small can cause your clothing more harm than good (i.e: too many fold lines).
  • Fold your dress shirts and create shelving in your closet. If you have an abundance of dress shirts in your closet and are on the verge loosing your piece of mind because your closet is too full, try another option. Start folding your dress shirts (in a methodized way of course) to create more space for your other garments. Take the advice from RealSimple on how to properly fold dress shirts, eliminate wrinkles and create more space in your closet. 
A closet shelving unit like this from Ikea is perfect for holding your folded clothes. Garnityr Storage with 7 compartments, $14.99, Ikea.com

  • Reduce space by folding your denim. Sure is great to have your jeans lined in a row in your closet. Nice and crisp. But what happens when your closet suddenly becomes packed like the clearance rack at Macy’s. Try folding your denim and placing them on a shelving unit in your closet to save on space (and to give you another excuse to go shopping).
  • Fold by Seasons. If your closet is tight in space, try showcasing your in season garments. Keep your in season clothes at hand in your closet ready to go for when you need them. Fold your out of season clothing and store them in your dresser drawers. This will allow for ample space in your closet and allow for more time when it comes to getting ready.
So what do you think about these space saving tips? Let me know about ways that you save on space in your closets.

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