Saturday, August 18, 2012

Straighten Up Saturdays: Magazines

Another week is done. Ahhhh - lets take that thought in for a second - Ok, back to business! Now you have time to tackle that pile of magazines that have been accumulating next to, on top of and under the coffee table. Don’t feel ashamed if your a compulsive collector of magazines. The first step is to admitting it. Now, lets straighten up!

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  • Assess the Mess : Lay out all of the magazines on the floor and separate each issue my month.
  • Purge Accordingly: Throw out any magazines that you hardly flip through or any issues that are more than three months old. If there are any special edition mags that you want to hold on to, then by all means, keep it. 
  • Organize Your Mags: Magazine holders are an obvious way to store your reads. Why not try storing the current issues in a basket? It can be placed on the floor next to the couch, on a shelf or on the desk in your home office. This way your page turners are always at hand. For the older issues that you want to keep opt for a magazine organizer like the one below. You can label each one by month and year.

From left to right: Braided Console Basket, $34,, Braided Magazine Bag, $49,, DiVoga Classic Flock Magazine Organizer, $15,

  • Keep It Clean: Remember, your mags aren’t going to keep themselves organized. Every month go through your magazines to see which ones you want to keep and throw out the ones that you don’t need anymore.
Remember this beautifully organized magazine wall? Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, Sex and the City.

There it is! Now you can keep receiving those great magazines to inspire what ever it is you do and not feel like a hoarder. What are your thoughts? Leave comments below.

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