Friday, August 17, 2012

Store 'Em Right: Shoes

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Do you love your shoes? If you don’t have them stored away properly than you probably don’t. Sorry to say it, but its true. Don’t worry, Duo is here to lay out the many types of storage for your precious shoes. Lets take a look!

Shoe Racks
This storage option is great because it allows you to easily organize your shoes and still see whats in your collection. A sliding shoe rack, like the one below, makes it even easier to choose the right shoe.
The shoe rack in this closet glides in and out for added convenience. Image via
Shoe Shelves 
Wooden shelving doesn’t have to only be designated for your clothes. If you don’t like the look of shoe racks, than go with shoe shelving. Choose sliding shelves for easier access to your shoes.

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Closet with gliding shoe shelves installed.

Shoe Boxes
For those of you that just LOVE to keep your shoes in boxes -eh hem, like me- opt for shoe boxes that make your closet look more organized. Clear plastic boxes are simple and allow you to see the entire shoe. Patterned drop front shoe boxes add more character to your newly organized shoe section.

Shoe boxes. $1.89 - $14.99,

If your considering a better storage option for your shoes, this is definitely an investment worth looking into! No matter which storage option you decide to go with, one thing is for sure, your shoes will always look like new. Let me know how you store your shoes. Comment below.

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