Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bra Intervention- Tips for the Correct Bra Fit

Did you know?
Over 85% of women buy the incorrect bra size. Get properly fit! This will change your posture, the fit of your clothing, and your attitude.

Below are some tips for the right fitting Bra:
1. Where should you measure?
To find the best band size, make sure the measuring tap is secured low but snug on the back. Many women secure their bra band too high, which causes the band to ride up and the cup to fall forward. When measuring, make sure to lift breast tissue up- this way the tap is snug under the rib cage.


If you have the band lying across your shoulder blades then you have it all wrong. The band should be across the smallest part of your back.

2. Underwire
           The circumference of the underwire is crucial. The wire surrounds and supports your breast. It should not be poking into your breast. If the wire is pulling away from your body in the center that usually means the cup size is too small.

     Quick tip: Test your underwire, sit down when trying on a bra, it’s a quick way to make sure your bra isn’t pulling away from your body. Make sure the cups are secure against your breasts and the center of the underwire flush against the cleavage area.
     3. Cup size
     Ladies many of us don’t want to believe our cup size. But nobody needs to know, as long as it fits. Like a shoe, a new bra will be snug at first.


    4.  Weight vs. Bra Fit
     If you lost weight (even if its as little as 5 pounds) most likely you will need to refit your bra. If your clothing size changes your cup size does too. 

   5. Get Fitted
   If you feel like your measuring wrong or have questions, visit a Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret for a bra fitting. Nordstrom fit specialists will measure you and help you pick out the right fit for you. 

   Check out the Nordstrom link below for help on bra fitting. 

Also, visit the link below on bra fitting. This is a must visit site! They have videos, tips and tricks!

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