Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Simple Tips: How to Look Slimmer

Do you want to look 10 pounds slimmer? Well let Duo help you. Below are a few tips on how to make you look and feel great!

Tip #1: Get rid of the sacks!
      Baggy clothes will do nothing for you. You might as well walk around wearing a garbage bag. A          figure hidden under yards and yards of fabric will only make you look bigger. 

Jessica Simpson in a green oversized sweater and baggy jeans. This looks like her lounge wear but as you can see it does nothing for her. 
What a difference! She may be pregnant in this picture but she shows it off very well. The high waisted belt shows off her bust and gives her a great proportional look 

Tip #2: Wearing black doesn't always help.
Black equals boring. Its only going to make you blend in with the crowd. Just because its black doesn't mean it will give a slimming illusion. 

Adele wears all black in a long dress that accents her waist line. But check out below and see the difference from day to night. 

Adele is not only wearing all black but its baggy as well. She is hiding her beautiful curves with the fit and boring black.

Tip #3: Ruching is key.
Ruching is a sewing technique that gathers in the stomach area to hide lumps and bumps. Shirts that usually have ruching are fitted and in a stretchy fabric.

The ruching on the dress and the shirt hides all lumps and bulges. The shirt can be worn with a nice pencil skirt or just wear the dress for a night event. 

Tip #4: Think long.
V-neck shirts will draw the attention away, vertical stripes will elongate, stay away from horizontal stripes. 
Jennifer Hudson wearing a v-neck dress draws attention away from the hip area and makes her look long. 

Jennifer Hudson looks amazing in this dress. Notice the v-neckline again and the stripes are going down so it makes her look long and lean. This is an amazing look and would recommend this to everyone!

Tip #5: Invest in shape wear.
Lose five pounds in five minutes. Yes, you can breathe with it on. 

Spanx can be found in most department stores. You might want to buy a few because you will be wearing these often.

These tips will take years off of you. Why go through the torture diets when all you have to do is switch your wardrobe around and your good to go. 

Did these tips help you? Let us know below.

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