Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Refresh Your Dining Room With Mix Matched Seating

Are you ready to redesign your dining room and tired of the boring traditional dining room table set? Break away from the uniformed look and put stamp of your own style in your dining room.

Mix Matched Header Chairs: Mix the fabrics from upholstered chair or mix upholstered chairs with wooden sets. The style of the chairs don’t have to match either.
Left Photo: Different fabrics on dining room chairs create a sense of character. Notice that the style of the chairs are even different.
Right Photo: Upholstered chairs are mixed with wooden chairs.  (Photo via Shelterpop.com)

I adore this dining room set. Although all of the chairs are upholstered, notice how the writing on the lighter fabric pops when next to the darker fabric. (Photo via decorpad.com)

Mix Matched Designs: Mix eclectic, traditional and modern styled dining room chairs to tie in your overall theme of your dining room.

This dining set consists of modern, traditional and eclectic styled chairs. (Photo via Houzz.com)

Add A Bench: Who says that your dining room table has to be surrounded by chairs? Add a bench to change it up! When shopping for the right bench, make sure that it is high enough for your table. Remember, functionality is still important.

In this photo, two smaller benches were used in lieu of chairs. (Photo via decorpad.com)

This beautifully designed dining room has a traditional comfy look and feel to it. (Photo via decorpad.com)

Try changing up your dining room with these trends. I think it adds a lot of personality to a normally traditional and sometimes bland room. What do you think? Comment below.

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