Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rewind... Repeat

Have you been looking through old pictures recently and said, " What was I wearing?" The big hair, bright makeup and high waisted shorts are just some of the 'crazy' looks. Well think again because they're back!

Every few years fashion repeats itself. I know you can think of some pieces that are back to the future.

Check out some of these looks that are a blast from the past:

High Waisted Trousers

Remember Saved By The Bell? Kelly Kapowski (Tiffany Amber Thiessen) and Rihanna are wearing high waisted bottoms and shows a bit of skin with the short little 'belly shirts.' Not much of a change from the 90's to today. 

Necklace Layering

Madonna is a very big fashion icon. But who knew her necklace layering was going to make her this famous. Today, even the famous Michelle Tanner (Ashley Olsen) from Full House is following her footsteps. 


Olivia Newton John in Grease is a classic leggings look. Today, Kim Kardashian rocks the same leather look but the only difference is the hair. They both look great and can be pulled off dancing to You're the One that I Want or just running errands. 

Ray Ban Sunglasses

The classic Madonna and late Michael Jackson wearing their Ray Bans. Personally, I feel like these sunglasses never had a decline, they always had the classic style. Today, celebrities like Fergie and Sienna Miller are just some celebrities that are wearing these hot sunglasses. Best thing about these glasses is that they're unisex!

Now you're probably thinking... Why did I throw out those things? Now you can go out and purchase classic but updated pieces. 

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