Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don't Throw Out Your Old Clothes, Sell Them!

Don't know what to do with your old clothes? Can't throw out those designer jeans? 
Sell It! Someone's trash may be someone else's treasure. 

Why not make some money off of your unwanted items? Its simple, easy and quick! 

Here are some sites that you can put your 'treasures' up and earn some big bucks:

1. Ebay- Ebay is an auction site that you can put your items up for free and wait for people to bid on your items. Shipping is paid by the buyer and if you really know how to work your selling skills you can even have your postal carrier pick it up from your door step! 

2. Craigs List- This is a great site not only for selling your special pieces but also finding a job, buying a used car and even a date! The only thing about this site are the scammers. Be sure to do your research before you answer emails about the item. 

3. MyClozet- (No, its not a typo) A site where you can buy, sell and swap your gently used garments. Best part about this site is its free to add your items. The site is good for garments for everyone boys, girls, men and women! 

4. FashionHaunt- Similar to Ebay but not as well known and just clothes and accessories. You can sell clothes and accessories for your pets too!

5. Etsy- Etsy isn't really a site to sell your used items but it is a good site for your handmade goods.   Its a user friendly site and if your a buyer you can find some real nice accessories.

So why not make money instead of throwing your items out? Make some money while sitting on your couch in your pajamas. All you need are some unwanted items, a camera and a computer. Its simple, easy. Once you start selling you cant stop!

Now open those closet doors and start digging!! 

Have you ever sold your used items online? Tell us about your story below. 

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