Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Noteworthy: The Container Store

What is it about a certain store that makes us lose all sense of composure when we visit it? I'm sure you all have been there! Sure, it may be a different store for everyone, but its still the same emotion. For me, this store is The Container Store. I absolutely love it. Everything that you may need to organize, prioritize and display your stuff can be found in this store. It’s like a candy store for adults! So, why do I like the container store? Let me show you a few things that this store has to offer.

Containers, of course! Its not a far fetched idea that a person would go to The Container Store for containers. The choices are fabulous! Have you every wondered where you could get the make-up boxes that the Kardashians have? Well, these are not the same boxes but they seem to be just as great! And yes, these are stackable.

Top: Rectangular Compartment Boxes, $2.49 - $4.99,
Bottom: Kardashian Make Up Case, $90,

Space Savers. In the market for a home office, but lacking on space for a big desk? This sturdy and elegant desk will do the trick! It’s two desks in one. The bottom, smaller desk rolls out when you need more work space and rolls under the bigger desk when you don’t. There are compartments for you to place your paper work and important notes. 

White Roll Out Desk, $299,
Cocktail Hour! Does your cabinet space have just enough room for your plates, tumblers and no more?  Are you searching for room to place your stemware? Well, this fabulous stemware rack allows you to store your glasses in a safe and stylish way. Pick up these replacement wine corks to have on hand if you run out. 
Top:  Oak Under Cabinet Stemware Rack, $29.99,
Bottom: Replacement Wine Corks, $6.99 each,
 These are just a few reasons why I love The Container Store. Stay tuned for more cool items from this store. What are your cool picks from The Container Store? Comment below.

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