Saturday, August 11, 2012

Date Attire

Tips on How to Dress for that Special Date

Are you nervous and have no idea what to wear? Let Duo help you style you for your special date.

Tip #1: Love it? Wear It! If you have those jeans that fit like a glove, wear it! (Depending on where you are going of course.) If something like a pair of jeans or a special shirt will help you boost your confidence then wear it. Start off your date right.

Tip# 2: Don't be a last minute shopper: If you feel that you need to buy new clothes for every date, then go for it. But don't wait for the last minute to buy something new. The pressure of buying an outfit few hours before the big date will not only make you stressed but put you in a bad mood before the night even begins.

Tip# 3: Be comfortable: This sounds obvious but many women do this. If you know those shoes will hurt later, don't wear them. If you constantly have to pull that skirt down? Don't wear it.

Tip# 4: Be yourself: Don't cake on your face. Use the 'kiss' method. Keep It Simple.

Tip # 5: Bring A Sweater: You might get cold.

Below are some looks I have put together for your special night.


A quick outfit for a day date:

Use these tips and go get ready for that special date!

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