Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012/2013 Back to School Fashion Guide

Top 3 Tips to a Fashionable School Year

Summer is coming to an end and its back to the Monday to Friday routine. But who wants to deal with the decision of what to wear so early in the morning? 
 No worries, Duo is here to help you!

 Below are the Top 3 key tips that will make your friends/coworkers wonder what you were up to all summer.

1.  C is for Color- When you hear winter, you think of neutral tones- blacks, browns, greys but think again. This year its all about color, be prepared to get blinded when you walk into stores. Pink, bold blues, tangerine, purple are just a few colors you will see for back to school shopping. 

Above: Love pink and blue together, its so vibrant and will brighten up anyones day. Above are some looks I put together that work for both teachers and students. These colors work great together especially when you can throw on some jewels and be out the door in no time. 
Above: Purple works great for Fall, especially when you add little hints of black with it. 

2. P is for Prints- Go crazy with prints. You can have fun and spice up any outfit with a print. Not  comfortable with prints? Go with a printed accessory with a sold outfit. 
Above: Animal prints are a hot item, its gives any outfit a bit of an edge. But be careful too much animal print can make you look like you belong in the zoo.

3. A is for Accessories- You can never have enough accessories, it makes every outfit. Layer those bangles and long necklaces, make a statement with a large ring, and of course that special bag.
Above: I went with a peacock theme, its a subtle but beautiful twist to any look.

Just remember Color, Print and Accessories and your good to go.
Follow these tips and you will be ready for the 2012/2013 school year. Now all you have to do is just maintain those grades.
Good Luck!

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