Saturday, August 11, 2012

Organize Your Baby's Nursery: Closets

So you have a room full of baby clothes and a closet made for adult sized clothing. What will you do? Here are some tips on organizing baby’s closet.

  • Your baby’s clothing is much shorter than yours. Adjust the rod height to allow for more space and functionality. Try placing the rod lower to the ground to allow space for shelving. 
In this closet, clothing rods are adjusted and move to one side of the closet. This leaves room for shelving on the top and side. Image via
In this closet, the clothing rod is left at its original height, leaving room for shelving on the bottom. Image via
  • Add baskets. Once you’ve made room for shelving, add baskets to put folded clothes and accessories in (socks, belts, head bands, etc.). Get creative with the baskets and make your own. Purchase a plain basket and line the inside with a fabric of your choice. Baskets add to the decor of the room (yes, even though it’s in the closet) and reduces the need for extra storage space in the nursery.

This basket is fun and functional. Babies R Us By Design Girl Monkey Plush Character Basket, 18.99 Image via

Image via
  • Sort out the sizes. Most likely, you’ll end up with clothing in sizes varying from 0-3 mos. to 12 mos. Sort the clothes by sizes to make choosing outfits easier. Closet dividers work perfectly to help you keep the closet organized by sizes. Folded clothes that are placed in baskets can be labeled.
I love these colorful dividers for a little girls room. It’s design is perfect for the growing child, from newborn to preschool aged.  Image via

 Don’t spend wasteful time searching for your baby’s clothes. An organized closet for baby allows you to have more time to spend with your precious bundle of joy. What are some helpful organizing tips that you use for your baby’s closet? Comment below.

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