Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Design to Inspire: Create an Inspirational Workspace

Are you a writer, artist or designer? It is important to create a work space that will inspire your art. As a writer, I know how challenging it is to create a piece of work when inspiration is lacking. Here are some components that are necessary in designing a room that will induce your creativity. 

Color has long been proven to have an impact on a person’s mood. The color blue is linked to inducing a sense of calm and relaxation. While the color yellow is known to promote creative thinking and stimulate your memory ( Try painting your room in a shade of blue and add yellow accents, if possible, to get the creative juices going.

Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment.

If painting your walls are not an option, try placing accents in the room that pop with these shades of blue and yellow (

Art adds a certain presence to a room. Art can include paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. Do you own a piece of art such as a sculpture that doesn’t fit into the decor of any other part of your home? Try placing it in your work space. Do you have a favorite phrase that describes you or what you do? Try getting this phrase in print to hang in your space.
Room Layout
One of the most important factors in creating an inspirational space is to have a good layout. If your work space is junky, dysfunctional and does not flow, than your work will not flow. The purpose of creating a separate work space from the rest of your home is to allow just that - to have a designated space for you to think clearly and get into the zone.

This work space is my ideal space. Each item in this room is functional while adding the the room’s character. (Image via

This includes pictures of you with your family and friends. Maybe you have a photo with a person that really influences what you do. Your work space is a great place to have portraits like these for you to glance over at while you work.

So these are a few key items that should be included in your re-design of your work space to inspire your work. Remember, design to inspire. Are there any items that you've purposely placed in your work space to inspire your art? Comment below?

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