Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips On Organizing Your Wedding Plans

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So, your fiance proposed and you said “YES!”. Now the real work begins. It’s time to start planning! Planning a wedding is a beautiful experience, however, while your knee deep in the process, it may seem like one of the most overwhelming things you will ever have to do. Here are some fool proof tips on keeping yourself organized during the wedding planning process.

Make or purchase a wedding planner binder. This book is simple to make. All you really need in a 1” binder, page dividers with tabs, clear sheet protectors and business card holders. There are tons of print outs online that you can download to keep track of necessary information for your wedding. You can also purchase a wedding planner binder at any arts and crafts or book store. The main idea is to keep all of your information on the wedding such as vendors and receipts inside of this handy book. The wedding planner binder is also a great place to store any inspirational photos or articles that you will stumble upon during the planning process.  

Keep a notepad or download an app that allows you to quickly jot down any ideas that come to mind throughout the day. You may not always have the planning binder on you at all times. This ensures that you will never forget a thought.

Enter all appointments into your calendar. Using Google calendar or iCloud are great choices. This way you will always be able to check your calendar, no matter where you are.

Conduct correspondences through email. This ensures that you will always have correct and accurate documentation of who you spoke to, when you spoke to them and what was discussed.

Create a wedding website. This will keep others in the wedding party and attending guests constantly informed. You can create a site on Google and choose from a variety of themes that will go with your wedding.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a blissfully beautiful wedding planning experience. What are some planning and organizing tips that worked great for you? Share below!

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