Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunglasses 101: Protect Your Eyes

It’s sunny, and now that winter is coming snow is on the ground, which makes the reflection hurt your eyes. You need a pair of sunglasses but don’t know what to get. If you don’t know what you’re purchasing you might look funny in your new glasses. 
Jackie O made the over-sized shades popular in the 1960s but sunglasses need to be a bit more than stylish. So feel like a movie star in your new sunglasses with these quick tips:

Lens color doesn’t matter: Black, brown or green doesn’t matter tinted lenses can provide just as much UV protection as a dark colored pair of sunglasses. Most Ray Bans sunglasses have good UV protection. You need your eyes, protect them!

Polarized- do you have a problem with glare? The snow can cause a problem and create a glare and you may have trouble driving. Make sure you go with a polarized lens so you reduce glare.

Spend wisely- Just because their designer sunglass doesn’t always mean that they are better quality. Most of the time the sunglasses are a fashion statement and for the label. Inexpensive glasses can give you the same amount of protection as the others.

Fit- Treat the sunglasses as a pair of jeans, baggy jeans look frumpy. Sunglasses need to fit! Tilt your head a few times and make sure the sunglasses do not come off your face easily.

Complement your skin tone- Brown shades like tortoise shell are great for people that have warmer complexions. The blue and black shades are great for people that have cooler skin tones.

More than 1 pair- you own more than one t-shirt so why not sunglasses? Match your mood and your attire with your sunglasses. Go for a vintage look with Jackie O oversized sunglasses one day and go for a pair of cat eyes the next.

It’s important to protect your eyes from UV rays. Purchase a pair of sunglasses whether from your local store or a pair of designer glasses. Follow these tips so you’re ready and stop yourself from squinting. You don’t want wrinkles under your eyes from not wearing sunglasses!

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