Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beat the Bad Weather Blues

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Does the cold or rainy weather have you and the little ones itching for some outside relief? Cabin fever is as true a term. Some symptoms include irritability, restlessness and even depression. However, you don’t have to accept this term as a definitive truth to your days stuck in the house. Here are some fun ideas to help you and the kids enjoy the weary weather. 

Turn Indoors into “Outdoors” 
Take your kids on a camping trip. Destination? Your living room floor! Pull out those play tents that your children received for their birthdays or make a tent out of bedsheets and the dining room chairs. Another cool idea? Take a trip to the beach, in your den that is! Break out the oversized beach towels, shovels and pails and let your child’s imagination take wind. Small legos are great replacements for sand and the alphabetical blocks make a spectacular sand castle. Take this make believe beach outing a step further with a sound machine set to an ocean or beach setting. The best thing about this beach trip is forgoing the sunscreen!

Lights! Cameras! Action!
Put on a play. Have your little ones choose what story lines they would like to follow and what characters they would like to be. Break out the halloween/dress up bin or have the kids choose clothes from your closet. Make it a true sold out show by having the kids line up their favorite stuffed animals and dolls on the couch to be the audience. Take it a step further and set up the video camera to tape your little stars in the making! Your children will love to look back at their star studded performance!

Open Up a Restaurant
Just because you may be stuck in the house, does not mean that you and your little one can’t dine out in style. Set the table restaurant style and have your little one take your order. Prepare, before hand, a few simple dishes that you can order from the menu. Tasty treats such as a cheese and fruit plate, fruit smoothies and simple sandwiches are the perfect meals for you and your little one. Afterwards, have a delightful lunch with your diminutive diner. Bon Appetite!

Whether you choose all or one of the above ideas, one thing is for certain: Your taking control and showing cabin fever who’s boss!

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