Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shopping 101: Target? Yes, Target!

I visited one of my favorite stores today, Target! The one stop shop store, you can do your food shopping, pick up your medicine, and even find an outfit for the weekend!
Most people think Target is not for clothes but you would be surprised on how much you find.
Check out these amazing dresses I have found for all under $30:

Top left: Merona Denim Dress- $28, Merona Orange Stripe Jersey Dress- $20, Mossimo Black and White Stripe Dress- $14,
Bottom Left: Mossimo Color Block Grey Dress- $25, Merona Cross over Floral Dress- $30, Mossimo Belted Blue Dress- $25, Mossimo Black Grey belted dress- $28

Didn’t think you could find dresses like this at Target? Not only are they under $30 but they’re trendy as well! These dresses are beautiful from day to night. Add a few accessories and your ready for a dinner date!
Target even carries shoes! Why not complete your outfit with the perfect pair of shoes. Check these out for all under $40!
Top Left: Nikita Green Sandal- $26, Hailey Sandal- $30, Espadrille Flat- $17
Bottom Left: Odelir Studded Flat- $20, Cannes Canvas Slip On- $31, Mossimo braided sandal- $17

Like the above looks? Check out or just stop by your nearest Target store. You never know you might find some great outfits for your fun filled weekend. 

Check out Target Online:

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