Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 Tips on Creating A Beautiful Photo Wall

Do you dream of having a beautiful photo wall that showcases you, your family and your experiences? So, whats holding you back? Just because you’ve seen some photo wall disasters, this doesn’t mean that yours has to end up that way. Here are some tips on creating a photo wall that everyone will want to admire.

Take Time and Measure 
A visually pleasing photo wall is based on good measurement. The general rule is to allow two inches between each frame. If you want more space between each photo, just make sure the spaces are even.

Uncoordinated Coordination
Not all photos have to be the same size and shape. Just make sure that the frames are the same. Dark wood or all black frames are classic, modern and beautiful. If you choose to go with the same sized frame, a photo mat always works to tie in the smaller photos.

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Create a Themed Look
Give your photo space a theme. Hang all black and white or vividly colored photos. Create a love wall with photos of you and your significant other throughout the years, from the first date to your wedding date. The possibilities are endless.

Themed family photo wall. Image via
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When In Doubt, Use Shelving
Skip the stress of measuring spaces between frames and install photo shelving. Its versatile and allows you to change up your photos easily.

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Forgo the Frames
Ditch the idea of frames all together and opt for canvased photos. They are a beautiful alternative to displaying your most precious moments. Your photos will instantly pop in any room that you decide to hang them. Most photo studios and photographers will transfer your already developed photos onto a canvas for a good price.

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So forget the bad images that you have in your head about a poorly planned photo wall. With a little work and thought, you can create a alluring show piece. What are your opinions on photo walls? Let us here it! Comment below.

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