Friday, October 26, 2012

Be Creative with Nail Polish

Ever wonder how people make those funky designs on their nails? From the ombre style nails to glow in the dark nails find out how to do these funky styles. So save that trip to the nail salon and try these ideas at home.

To get the glow in the dark nails
Remember glow sticks? The sticks you used to play with during Halloween when it’s dark out. Whether they were glow in the dark necklaces, mouthpieces or just a plain stick they were the coolest things around. Now you can have glow in the dark nails with a clear polish topcoat. When your nails are exposed to a black light they will glow.

Get stripes with scotch tape
The perfect geometric shapes on your nails are difficult but looks great after they’re done. Well now you can make your life a lot easier with scotch tape. Start with a base color like black wait for your nails to dry, cut the shape you want on your nails paint over with a different color and wah-la!

Camouflage nails
This nail design looks amazing after you’re finished. You will want to show off your nails after doing this. Start with a dark green color as a base coat; add a little dab of a tan color while you have the nail polish on your nail take a dark brown nail art pen or a paintbrush and draw squiggly lines from side to side. Do the same thing with black and finish it off with a topcoat.

Ombre style
It’s when the color fades light to dark or dark to light. It looks like it has a sponge effect. All you need for this is two colors similar shades (dark pink and a light pink), topcoat and a piece of sponge, toothpicks and a piece of plastic. Start with painting your nail with the lighter color and make sure it dries completely. On a flat surface paint a generous amount of the light and dark colors next to each other. Take the toothpick and swirl the two colors in the middle. Take the sponge and dab into the nail polish you just mixed, apply to your nail. Add a topcoat few times to even out. 

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