Friday, September 28, 2012

Sophisticated Scares

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As the spooctacular season approaches, one question may be evident in your mind - how will you decorate your home?  If traditional halloween decorating doesn't tickle your fancy and your looking for a more tasteful approach to decorate your home then listen up. Here are some tasteful takes on decorating your home for halloween.

Create “Magical Scares”. Perhaps the traditional sense of decorating your home like a grave yard is not what your going for. Its okay! Congrats to you for thinking outside of the box. There are many ways that you can dress your home for halloween without making it look like Fright Fest at Six Flags. Opt for dazzling pumpkins and haunted houses covered in glitter. Hang up wreaths with the traditional halloween colors -  black and orange - but step it up a notch with glitter.
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Use Ivories, Blacks and Whites. Who says that every piece of decoration that you own for Halloween has to be black and orange? An ivory pumpkin still screams Halloween yet still fits with the decor of your home. Paint your pumpkins in this “bone” color to show off your style this season. You can also place pumpkins on your front steps in alternating black and ivory. Nothing screams sophisticated scares like this!
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Light Up Your Halloween with Black Candles: Sprucing up your home to look spooky can be as simple as adding long pillar candles - in black of course! This small expression can easily set the spooky mood in your home. While allowing you to still love your home decor.  
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Weave A Tangled Web: The traditional spider web can still be used in your beautifully bewitched halloween decor. The trick is to place and space the webs correctly. Avoid just throwing the webs over the bushes in your front lawn. Have the webs hang from the top of your door down your step railing or front bush. Make sure its pulled apart thinly. This will make the web look more genuine.

These tips will keep your home from falling victim to the usually and sometimes tacky decor of this scary season. So go ahead and decorate in the unconventional, yet sophisticated way this Halloween.

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