Friday, September 14, 2012

Design Your Room Around A Beautiful Item

Do you have a design piece that you love? Don’t worry about whether or not it will fit into the decor of the room. Design your room around it!  Here are some tips on designing a room around an item. I'll be using this mirror from Pottery Barn as an example.

Peacock Mirror,

  1. Create a stage for the piece. Now that you've found the design accessory that completes you, don’t let it get lost in the room. With this mirror, I would place it on a wall by itself. It’s so beautifully detailed. You don’t want to take away from that.  Place it where it will be the first thing that you notice in the room.
  2. Dress the walls the right way. This includes texture, color, style and design. If your painting the walls, don’t use a color that will allow the piece to get lost. If your using wallpaper, make sure the texture and design of the wallpaper does not over take your design piece. With this mirror, many colors will work well. From cool grays to deep warm reds.
  3. Add design elements that will compliment the piece. From furniture to accessories for the room, make sure that what your adding intensifies the beauty of the design.

    Planning a room around a design piece doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It could be the best designing that you've every done! Do you have a room that you would like to plan around a beautiful design piece? Lets hear about it. Comment below.

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