Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping 101: Madewell

I recently visited my nearby mall after a year, and boy was I missing out. The mall has tons of new stores but I noticed one store that really stuck out. If you love J. Crew then you might want to check out Madewell. J. Crew modified their brand to emphasize women’s denim and other casual chic clothing.

Madewell has a spunky, bright colored look but trendy for the hip woman. The fashionable attire that Madewell offers has a mismatched colorful look but makes it work in a funky way. They have jeans and cords in all rainbow colors and printed shirts to go with them.

Check out their site: or visit them at your nearest mall. I promise you will find something you love.

Like the Madewell looks? Check out their site!

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