Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5 Ways To Update Your Living Space

Are you sick of the look of your living space? Does your space have the same look from 10 years ago? Here are 5 ideas on updating your space:

Rearrange Your Space. Sounds a little obvious - but you’d be surprised how different a room looks after switching around the furniture. Try rearranging your space with this tool, Floorplanner. It’s a web based floor planning tool that allows you to plan out your furniture layout and overall room floor plan before you actually put the sweat and tears into moving your furniture.
See it before you move it!
Image via
Add a Fresh Coat of Paint. A new paint job might be just what the doctor ordered to revive a blah room. Changing the color of a room can even change the way you perceive its size. Lighter colors can open up a small room while richer colors can add a sense of warmth to a large room. Here are some before and after photos of a freshly painted room.
 Room before a fresh paint job. Image via apartmenttherapy

Room after fresh paint job. Image via apartmenttherapy
Light Adjustment. It’s amazing how lighting can change the feel and look of a room. If your space is lacking on lighting, try sprucing it up with wall lighting or hanging lights. Keep in mind some key questions when changing the lighting of a room: What's the functionality of this room? What mood do you want to set in this room? What accents do you want to accentuate in this room? Here are some photos on decorative and functional room lighting.
Treat your wall lighting as an accessory. Let it add character to your space. Image via
Don't be afraid to go with the less traditional way of lighting. Candles can create a beautiful element to a room. Mason Jar Light Fixture. Image via
Update Your Windows. If completely taking out and replacing your current windows are over your budget at the moment, opt for a more wallet friendly idea. Update your window treatments. Add window panels that compliment your newly painted walls. Create an illusion of a bigger room by raising the curtain rod from 2 inches above the top of the window to directly underneath were the wall meets the ceiling. Here are some photos of updated window treatments.
Room before window treatments are added. Image via
Room after window treatments are added. Image via
Before and After photos of a bedroom with added window treatment. Image via
Revamp Your Furniture. This is an extremely budget friendly and fun way to update your space. Take your old dining room chairs that have seen it all and re-stain and reupholster them. What about that old coffee table? Grab a sander and make it a fun weekend experience. Sand down the table and stain it with a darker, more rich shade or paint it in a vibrant color.
Coffee table before being revamped. Image via
Coffee table after dark stain was added. Image via
Reupholstered bench. Image via
So are you ready to update your space? Comment below with your ideas and before and after photos on updating rooms in your home!

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